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ABC LUCK! card game workshop


ABC Luck! Workshop will present a fun and highly vibrant workshop in American Sign Language!

Why it will benefits you?:

ASL is primarily used by American and Canadians who are either deaf or hard of hearing. There are approximately 250,000 – 500,000 ASL users in the United States and Canada, most of whom use ASL as their primary language.
Being proficient in ASL allows you to communicate with a wide range of hearing, hard of hearing, and deaf individuals - including students in mainstream and deaf school or university programs and deaf or hard of hearing residents and business people in your community. In addition, ASL improves the quality of family communication for hearing people with deaf or hard of hearing family members.

Who Benefits From ABC LUCK! workshop?:

  • Professionals with Deaf Clients (doctors, lawyers, clergy, counselors, teachers)

  • Vocational Rehab Employees

  • Teachers

  • American Sign Language Students

  • American Sign Language Interpreters

  • Early Deaf Children

  • American Sign Language courses 

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Seattle, Washington


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